Chocolate Stirrings.

Picture Marseilles 1772, a ball hosted by the Marquis de Sade. A renowned lover of chocolate as well
as sex.  de Sade served his guests chocolate pastille laced with Spanish Fly - a famous poisonous aphrodisiac made from little green bettles - lovely !

It is said that even the most respectable women were unable to resist the uterine rage that stirred within them, De Sade was no doubt delighted that his choice of chocolate, rich and strong would easily have masked the unusual flavourings.

It was via France, the epitome of chic, that Chocolate came to England. A Parisian shopkeeper opened the first chocolate shop in London 1657. Chocolate houses soon sprang up across the capital and other major towns and cities, competing with the Coffee Houses as meeting places for the male socialites of the 17thc and 18thc.

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