Garden Flower Bouquets of Lavender and Blue.

These typically English country garden flowers reflect all that is summery and fresh. Flowers are always bloomy and full of bright colours and fluffy textures. Blooming alium heads and ladies mantle arranged in this simple water jug straight from the flower beds.

Vases and containers can be rustic old tin pots, milk jugs and vintage Chrystal glass vases. 
 Use the garden foliage's to add bulk and much loved scent, mint, lavender, sage and rosemary are all in plentiful supply during the summer. Choice of vase is very important  for the following reasons.
Bottle Vase - easy to use, just a few stems to fit the vase. They look good grouped  together.
Fishbowl Vase - excellent for arranging flowers in soft swirls around the inside of the vase, easy to achieve.
Cube Vase - useful for standing  hand -tied bouquets and smaller straight from the garden bunches.
V shaped Vases - a common shaped vase often used in the Flower Shop.  Great for when you have a large 
quantity of flowers to fill it, but if you are not a Florist Shop and your budget does not stretch thus far this is a greedy vase to fill.  You need tall stems and plenty of them as they tend to  sink down inside.

Aliums  arranged by nature.


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