Tweed Fabrics - Fashion & Interiors.

Tweeds and plaids are a fashion highlight in fashion and  interior design. Flecked with a myriad minute bright coloured particles.  Some woven with thick uneven yarns that look as though they have been darned. They make the smartest town and country interiors and clothes alike. Leaving their mark on cocktail dresses. Imagine an elegant decollete tweed dress , glinting with the occasional jewel in a soft tweed or ivory boucle wool.

The suit on the left is a warm tone of yellow flecked minutely with soft blue. The jacket has an easy back with a pleat from the waist. Sleeves are set in so they slip off the shoulders. The top coat and skirt on the right is in grey Donegal tweed. The full backed coat is lined and faced with scarlet wool.

Contemporary tweeds are soft and supple in texture and even the thick ones unbelievably light.  It is the blend of the smooth and rough and the infinitesimal yarn. Mohair is used to form and overcheck or self stripe detail. Some mingle angora with the wool or fret the surface with loose hairs.  Nut brown and every tone of yellow. Deep vibrant blues like the flash of a jays wing. Mixture of yarn break up the surfaces of everything, combined against the smooth matt wool background.

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