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Britain has embraced cafe culture with huge enthusiasm.  Cafes and coffee shops abound in even the smallest town or Village. 

The first coffee house (above) was opened in Oxford in 1652.  Still on the same site a cafe bar called the Grand Cafe. Slightly later - Queens Lane Coffee House has been serving coffee in Oxford  for 360 years - established in 1654.

London's first coffee house opened in 1652 in St. Michael's Alley - Corn hill.
 By 1675 there were more than 3,000 coffeehouses in England. America had its first in 1676 despite its fame for the 'Boston Tea Party'. Before the arrival of the coffee house, men gathered in taverns to do business and exchange ideas.

Certain London coffee houses attracted certain types of clientele - Edward Lloyd's coffee house on Tower Street earned a reputation for marine insurance - evolving into world famous insurance market Lloyd's of London in 1698.

Jonathan's Coffee House in Exchange Alley began to list stock and commodity prices called "The Course of the exchange and other things".  Evidence of early trading in marketable securities in London.  In the same year, Stock Dealers expelled from the Royal Exchange for rowdiness began operating in the streets and coffee houses nearby in particular in Jonathan's.

Grand Auction Houses Sotheby's and Christie's both have their origins in coffee houses. 

Women were banned from  the coffee houses and strongly objected to the amount of time their husbands spent in them.Charles II tried to ban them despite earning huge revenues from the sale of the coffee, condemning them as "where the disaffected meet and spread scandal of his Majesty and his Ministers". Such was the force of the outcry about his words that he was forced to withdraw his proclamation forthwith.

The East India Company added to its immense profits flooding the English market with Tea in abundance. By 1750 tea had become Britain's favourite drink, made fashionable by Queen Catherine, wife of Charles II. Remaining Coffee Houses targeted their aristocratic clientele, charging membership and slowly morphing into Gentleman's Clubs.

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