Burford - Gloucestershire

Burford - Gathering Vintage.

Burford,  is a beautiful Cotswold town on the river Windrush which grew to be an important crossroads for travellers and a very wealthy wool town and has always been considered to be the gateway to the Cotswolds.

The broad main street, High Street, slopes gently down to the river Windrush ('ford' was the Anglo Saxon was for river crossing) and is lined with old Cotswold Stone houses, cottages and shops.  It is a very dignified street and many of the buildings appear to be little changed over hundreds of years.

It is extremely popular with visitors to the area and can get quite busy in the summer.There are many little side streets to explore and refreshments can be had at the many old pubs and tea rooms in the town. Antique and vintage shops are a feature of the town, along with some known brands and excellent eateries.


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