Carnations - Dianthus Caryophyllus and Picotees.

Carnations and Picotees (Dianthus Caryophyllus). Among the few plants of our native flora that have become popular as florists' flowers Carnations have long held a place among the prettiest of garden flowers.  Like the Rose, they have been beautified by doubling, a character which with few exceptions detracts from the beauty of the flower. They are beautiful in form, delightfully fragrant, last a long time and may be grown in unfavourable localities. Cultivated varieties were know as early as 1598.  Many were of German origin.

There are many varieties, divided into groups according to the stripling or flaking of the flowers, these groups being named self's, flakes, bizarres, cloves etc., Picotees differ from Carnations in having laced instead of striped petals. Tree carnations are usually grown in pots,  and when conditions are favourable are easily managed.

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