Contemporary Wedding Flowers.

A  modern contemporary wedding does not lose its links with traditional. Crisp white combined with strong greens helps to achieve a striking, sculptural feel, unfussy flowers with unusual grasses, plain china and glassware all add to the final finished look.

Greens and strong accent colours are perfect for contemporary wedding flowers, even during winter months they are available from the wholesale florists, flown in from warmer climes.  They create a different and original look, unmistakably now.

Anthurium has a bold shape, good range of strong colours and  is very lasting, arranged with bear grass,
looks very architectural. Small succulent plants like sedum or echeveria, potted in different containers make alternative table arrangement, gifted afterwards for lasting keepsakes to take home.

The pure beauty of arum lilies, with their strong outlines create impact in their simplicity, suitable for modern
minimalist interiors.

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